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West Coast Weekender – San Diego

West Coast Weekender 2018 West Coast Weekender will present its third annual, electronic music conference and festival in San Diego, California From Thursday May 3 – Sunday May 6, The event truly pays homage to the American westside’s rich underground dance music...

Adobe Creative Jam in Philadelphia

Adobe Creative Jam in Philadelphia What an honor to be hired by Adobe to document their Creative Jam event in Philadelphia at the Fridge Arts on March 14, 2018. I met many like minded business artist at this event too. It’s so hard to find business artist in...

Frozen – Every parent’s worst nightmare

Frozen – Every parent’s worst nightmare For the past few years, each year in March, I receive a request to document stills of a performance play at Walnut Theatre here in Philadelphia. Flash is not an option for documentation, so I have to work within the...

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