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Social Media Portrait Session

In the world of dating as well as business, it is important to have an approachable and professional image that makes it clear what you represent. We have many different options to help you better your personal life and your career by creating the best possible image...

Panorama Mural

The mural at Panorama was a collaboration between two local artist; Anthony DeMelas and Kristine Di Grigoli. Together they fused their styles through photography, digital media tools, and painting to coincide with Marguerite Rodgers Interior Design. The creative...

Mr. Xquisite Doppelgangerous EP

Mr. Xquisite Doppelgangerous EP has finally dropped! Go to http://mrxquisite.bandcamp.com/yum and use code 3mwh-g57s for a free download. Thanks again for all your support! mr_alphabet Renaissance man and @marc.schuster formed a band. Then they made a record (with...

Models Stop Agency Ripp-Offs for Photos

Models Stop Agency Ripp-Offs for Photos Model Portfolio 2 Looks for Nick Gavin demonstrates the promotional energy and creativity that can come even from our basic model portfolio session. Models and their friends and family need to understand how to recognize quality...

Philadelphia Commercial Photographer

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