Terms of Service

The client agrees to the following terms of service when an order is placed. Please contact us if you have any questions or issues regarding these terms.


At least 50% of the invoice is due when an order is placed. No photography or videography will begin until at least 50% payment is received.

Full invoiced payment is due when the final assets (files) are delivered. If at this time the full payment has not been collected, photo and video assets will be delivered with a watermark or with low-resolution. Only until assets are approved and the full invoiced payment is received will the final, high-resolution assets be delivered without a watermark.

Accepted payment methods: Wire transfer (preferred), check, or credit card (there is a 3% processing fee added to credit card payments).

If the full payment has not been received within 14 business days of the approval of the final assets, or by the due date listed in the invoice, a late fee will be added to the invoice.

All quotes and invoices are locked in for 14 days. Invoices are based on current capacities and staffing, so we can not promise that the quoted amounts will not change once 14 days have passed.

(Enterprise clients are exempt from the above details and are bound by separate contracts agreed upon between them and ArtChick Photo Studio)


Once proofing assets/files are delivered, every customer is allowed one round of revision requests. All revision requests need to be completed at once via your personalized proofing gallery within 5 business days of asset delivery. If no communication is received within 5 business days, final assets will be delivered (pending payment), rights to revision requests will be relinquished, and products will either be returned or donated.

We will happily execute revisions for anything we missed, overlooked, or did incorrectly based on your original shot list at no additional cost. If, however, you request revisions that contradict your original shot list/instructions, or if you change the creative direction in any way, we will still execute those revisions/reshoot, but we will add the cost of doing them to your final invoice. Because of this, we cannot stress enough the importance of accurately filling out your shot list with as much detail as possible in order to avoid revisions.

Sample Return/Donation

ArtChick Photo Studio will dispose of samples in the manner specified by the client. The options are “Return to Client,” “Donation,” or “Dispose.” Studio members will communicate with clients to ensure the correct treatment of samples is logged. A quick and orderly flow of products in and out of the studio is essential for maintaining our low pricing and past turnaround time. Because of that, if no treatment is specified within 5 business days of asset delivery, or if we have not heard from a client in 5 business days at any point in the shooting process, ArtChick Photo Studio will use its discretion to either donate or dispose of the samples.

All “Return to Client” samples will be put in the mail to be returned to the client within 3 business days of the delivery of the final assets and receipt of the full payment. The client is responsible for return shipping labels and costs.

All “Donation” samples will be donated to the charity of ArtChick Photo Studio’s choice. Client information will be withheld from the donation unless otherwise specified by the client.

All “Trash” samples will be disposed of.

Stocking Policy

We will only hold products in our storage throughout the length of the project. Please refrain from sending your products to us before we have finalized the shot list and the quote. Once the project has been finalized and final payments have been collected, we will hold products for no more than 7 days. Once the 7 days have passed and we have not heard from you, we will donate the products.


When photography is taken and digital assets are stored on the hard drives and servers owned by ArtChick Photo Studio, those assets are owned by ArtChick Photo Studio. When the full payment is completed and high-resolution files are delivered, 100% usage rights, licensing, and manipulation rights are given to the client. Please contact a member of the ArtChick’s team to inquire about purchasing ownership of files that strips ArtChick Photo Studio of any usage rights defined in the remainder of the terms of service.

ArtChick Photo Studio retains 100% ownership and usage rights of all digital assets until the full payment has been collected. Any downloading or use of photos, videos, a before the full payment is collected is prohibited and is classified as theft. Once the final payment has been received, usage rights are transferred to the customer.


Photos and videos

Every client has 100% usage rights of every digital asset they receive from ArtChick Photo Studio. This usage includes but is not limited to print, publications, website, social media, email, advertising, and marketing.

By accepting these Terms of Service, clients agree to allow ArtChick Photo Studio to utilize the digital assets produced for clients on their online portfolio, social media, email campaigns, and print as portfolio material for future client reference. All clients should clearly request via email if they would not like ArtChick to utilize their assets for the above-listed reasons, and ArtChick will honor that request. ArtChick Photo Studio will never publicize client names or information unless permission has been granted in writing.


By accepting these Terms of Service, clients agree to allow ArtChick Photo Studio to utilize the client’s logo and business name in their website and online portfolio. Clients may opt-out of this agreement with a documented request sent to a member of the ArtChick team. ArtChick Photo Studio may only use logos provided by an authorized party of the business that holds ownership of the logo.


Retail pricing listed on the pricing page of this website is final and non-negotiable.

Enterprise clients are eligible for discounted pricing based on volume, consistency of work, or invoiced amount. Enterprise pricing is confidential and may vary based on the number of products, consistency of work, and seasonal offers. Enterprise pricing is subject to change based on industry changes or studio volume. Enterprise pricing is agreed upon and stated in separate contracts and terms of service.

Pricing Structure

All Enterprise and volume-discount clients fall under unique pricing structures

The majority of order invoices will be built based on an “a-la-carte” structure where the client pays a pre-determined rate for each service. In other words, clients will be charged per-image, per-infographic, per-composite, etc. This is to avoid invoice totals from changing through the course of the project.

Invoices for all on-model productions, or projects where the client attends the shoot, will be built based on hourly rates unique to each specific request. In other words, clients paying for these productions will pay for a studio block instead of each individual service. This is mainly because of how hard it is to predict asset counts when models and clients are involved. This pricing structure means that the quote made before the production is an estimate and is subject to change based on the final labor that went into the production.

Hourly rates differ depending on the nature of the shoot. For example, studio rates for model shoots are different depending on whether the model is a human or a live animal. Also, longer studio blocks have a smaller studio rate, and rates can fluctuate based on the number of team members involved, final asset counts, special requests, and much more. Most importantly, projects in which the client attends the shoot will be billed with a higher-than-normal hourly rate.

Bonus Content

Sometimes the creative team will take it upon themselves to use their best creative judgment and capture additional photos that fall outside of the approved shot list. When this happens, we will deliver those files to your proofing gallery, and the client may choose whether they want to keep them. If they do, they will be billed for those files in the final invoice. If the client does not want the additional images, those images will be deleted, the high-res versions will not be provided, and the final bill will not change.

Model Fees, Usage, & Cancelation

Our affiliated model agencies provide ArtChick Photo Studio with discounted rates you won’t find anywhere else, but those rates can vary based on the agency you select, the usage of the final photos, and if nudity is involved in the photoshoot.

Standard usage rights are included in every shoot, allowing the use of the model images on e-commerce and product pages as well as social media. However, some agencies have additional fees if model photos will be used for extensive advertising or publication.

Each of our agencies has a 2-hour minimum booking time and a 20% agency fee. Some models may require travel compensation of traveling from more than 50 miles.

Every affiliated agency has a cancelation fee if a model is canceled within a certain amount of time of the scheduled shoot date. The cancelation fee can range from 50% to 100% of the booking fee. Please inquire about the specific cancelation policies of the model you select. If the client has to cancel a shoot for any reason, the client will be responsible for 100% of the fee. Reasons for canceling a shoot include but are not limited to: products not arriving on time, the client no longer needs photography, the client changed their mind about the model, or the client did not pay their deposit before the shoot date. Regardless of the reason for the shoot cancelation, the client is always responsible for the cancelation fees.

Refunds & Cancellations

All orders require a non-refundable deposit of at least 50% of the quoted order total. This deposit covers the cost of the booking, coordinating, and beginning production of your order. If you are unhappy with the content we made for you upon the proofing stage, or if you would like to cancel your order at any stage, you will not be required to pay the remaining balance on your order, and the final assets will be deleted.