Hidden Gems of Greece

Photo Book Details

This collection of images represents the transformative journey that reignited my passion for photography. I had been struggling with a lack of inspiration and disconnection from my artistic pursuits.

However, the moment I grasped my Nikon Zfc, a mirror-less camera resembling the old 35mm, and began capturing images, a surge of excitement and happiness rushed through me. The camera’s mechanical clicks and whirs served as a reminder of the enchantment found in traditional photography.

Suddenly, I transitioned from viewing the world through tinted red glasses, enhancing depth and detail, to peering through the viewfinder and perceiving it in black and white. This captivating process filled me with immense enthusiasm. Gradually, I regained access to my artistic mindset, and a profound sense of joy blossomed within me once more.










 A temple with a unique design resembling an extraterrestrial structure, accessible only through rock climbing.