Back in the early 2000s, I embarked on a journey to learn Photoshop. I took it upon myself to create a personalized lesson plan and set daily challenges to push my creative boundaries. The goal was to bring to life scenes and stories purely from my imagination, often incorporating self-portraits.

No matter the theme, I would immerse myself in the process, dedicating a week or less to create each image. For instance, one week I focused on the theme of “fall,” where I aimed to capture the sensation of falling from the sky while simultaneously dreaming. Another week, I challenged myself to depict moments like pouring a cup of coffee or capturing a band’s energy on the first day of spring, when unexpectedly, it snowed.

Perhaps you’ve come across my Square stickers, where one can see the camera within the camera, creating an infinite loop. This was the very first piece that marked the beginning of my conceptual series. I truly hope that you find joy in exploring this collection of work.