Dating Profile Photography


Welcome to my professional dating profile photography service! I understand how important it is to have a great online dating profile that showcases your unique personality and interests. I am here to help you create a visually stunning profile that will attract the right kind of attention.

My service includes a personalized consultation to discuss your preferences and style. I will provide you with professional guidance on what to wear, how to pose, and which props to use to create a unique and eye-catching profile. I offer both in studio and surrounding location for your session.

I have the skills and experienced in capturing your best angles and bringing out your natural beauty. I use the latest equipment and techniques to ensure that your photos are of the highest quality. I offer retouching services to enhance your photos and ensure that they look their best.

My  dating profile photography service, you’ll receive a set of stunning photos that will make you stand out in a crowded online dating world. My goal is to help you attract the right kind of attention and find your perfect match. Contact me today to schedule your consultation and take the first step towards finding love online!

What My Clients Say

Kristine took photos of me about a year ago to be used for social media. I spent a delightful afternoon with her – she’s responsive, careful, and easy to work with. Among quite a few good photos, I selected a small number of bests and used them on Facebook, LinkedIn, and several online dating sites. I’m 71, so I felt I needed a professional to make me look my best for connecting with interesting dates — I saw sooo many bad selfies online already. It worked – after about a month, I met just the right charming man on OkCupid, and we’re now a happy, committed couple.

Martha Cornog

Kristine took some Amazing pictures for my dating profile and I can’t wait to use them. I would definitely use her services again and recommend her to friends.

Sahadia Charles

Kristine embodies that rare combination of expertise and empathy. She is a highly skilled photographer, evident by her body of work. She is also fun, funny, personable and did everything just right to make me feel comfortable during my photoshoot. Highly recommend her services!

Maura Sostack

I was looking to get some more recent pics taken for Linkedin and for personal media. I spoke to a few photographers but after speaking with Kristine (aka Artchick), and also seeing her portfolio on Instagram, I knew she knew her stuff and was the person to use. It was definitely money well spent and my only regret is not doing it sooner. My favorite thing about her is that she was not only helpful in telling me how to pose for pics but she made it fun and also was straight forward if she didn’t like something I was doing during the shot which was much appreciated. I recommend her to anyone looking to get pics of themselves either for dating apps, linkedin, or anything. I will definitely use her again.

Tim C

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