Dating Profile Photography


Yes folks people hire me for their dating profiles.  To many this is a shock, but for others in the industry of match making this is critical first step to boosting ones confidence and potential to finding the right mate.  I have several dating coaches that refer clients my way and those who are independent and realize the selfie isn’t working for them.  It’s obvious to us all that technology is changing our way of communication through the visual spectrum.  For me as a image maker and problem solver, its my job in life to help those communicate their message.  This is why I became a commercial photographer.

Dating profiles to me is a documentation of your lifestyle.  Let’s say you adore cyclying and long to have a partner to share that experience with.  I would in turn photograph you with your bike or use my own in studio as a prop or rental bikes across my studio to sail that message to the end viewer seeking a companion.  It’s all subconscious messaging in the end, but having the right photographer helps you deliver yourself in the right light.  I for one am very particular in how my images are taken and perceived by the public.  I never like a straight on shot of myself, but rather when my head is turned a little.  Everyone has an angle or side they prefer and it’s critical to pay attention to these things when photographing a person.

I also like to learn as much as I can from my subjects, so to really captures their true essence. Sometimes I am able to photograph a person in such a light they never thought was possible for them to look good as they are.  I really adore making people happy and to help them build their confidence in who they already are. People to me are fascinating and beautiful, which is why people are my main focus.

Throughout my career I have written several articles on dating to educate people to understand how important your images have impact on the outsider looking in. I realize how buried these article have become, due to my nature of constant creation.  I cycle these articles often, but felt I needed to take an added step in writing this article to draw more attention to the whole theory behind “Dating Profile Photographer” … bit of a “Cupid” I am with my art of image making.  Okay here are a few of my favorite articles outside of this one as a new addition:


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Below are some links to Lifestyle Portfolios to give you a sense of how I approach social media.  If you have any questions regarding setting up a shoot, message me through Contact page.  Thank you for reading.  Hope I inspired you.