ArtChick® Commercial Photography Studio

ArtChick® Commercial Photography Studio

ArtChick® Commercial Photography Studio is based in Center City, Philadelphia. Founded by Kristine Paige, Lead Photographer, who has more than 20 years experience in the industry capturing stunning headshots, personal branding, business teams, fashion catalog photography, and much more.

Professional Commercial Photographer who captures the essence of a brand or product with a single image.  Much of her work has been displayed in many advertising campaigns and editorial stories throughout the years.

Adobe and several Professional Photographic Organizations have hired Kristine to give instruction and advice to others in the field, thus encouraging others to be better Photographers.

Kristine is a professional whose expertise will tell your story; market your company’s products; and so much more. Specialization includes creating natural, rarely retouched, images that capture raw, authentic moments that will display who  or what you or your company’s product can offer the public or other industries.

What Our Clients Say

Kristine is a joy to work with. She brings amazing energy to her projects. We have used her photography services for several of our events and could not be happier. She’s always on time, courteous, and I’m also amazed by her photoshop abilities how quickly she turns things around.

Philadelphia ALA

We’ve worked with several photographers in the area, and found Artchick to be the best and most professional. From corporate headshots to product showcases – 5 stars and thumbs up. Highly recommend!

Mega Supply Pro

Took some fantastic photos of a very tricky product to photograph. Very professional, exactly what we were looking for!

Proteus Designs

I had an absolute blast working with Kristine! I always get a little nervous getting my photos taken but Kristine really helped me to feel that I was in a safe and comfortable environment and we were able to get a lot of absolutely beautiful shots! It was all the fun and none of the stress. I couldn’t be happier with my experience and my final photos. Kristine has my business forever! I’ll definitely be back.

Emily McDermott

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“Your message is only as powerful as the visuals that accompany it.”

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