Winter Solstice Fashion Editorial

Back in December 2020, I decided to create a winter solstice fashion editorial.  A month prior I created ‘Covid Blues’ a fashion editorial, which was published in two magazines.  Ironically enough this editorial was also published in two magazines.  The first one was Zolota and the second one Mob Journal (based in Montreal).

In 2019, I photographed the look book for Mas Scarves. This same look book is still featured on their website.  Wow talk about leveraging on content, which was a test shoot by the way.   Anyways those images from the look book was denied publication.  Perhaps it was due to the fact that I used ArtChick during that time and not my real name.  Either case, I wanted to get published this time and I did exactly what I intended.

Keep in mind that when submitting images for publication, it is important that everyone understands the rules.  Most magazines require exclusives, so that means no publishing till the magazine is published.

For this session the goal was to have the work published and a chance to experiment creatively. For the lighting I used colored gels and my optical snoot. It was so much fun to test out some new lighting techniques.  I am really proud of these images and happy to see them printed too!

If you or someone you know is looking for a photographer for their clothing line, contact me.   I work both in studio and on location.

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