Philadelphia Actor Headshot Session

My mentor Joe Chielli from Church Street Studios was the go to headshot guy for actors. It is my pleasure to continue his legacy and to serve his clients.  Today I present ‘Philadelphia Actor Headshot Session’ with Justin Hernandez.  Justin was referred to me by acting coach Renee Weisband.

I have invented a new approach to my shooting style to cover a lot of ground in a short period of time.  When you book a headshot session with me, I provide three background changes and help with the styling and posing for each look. For example, I like to start with a white backdrop,  then light grey and end with a black backdrop.  The variety of backgrounds range from dark to light to fashion grey.

My approach is two lights onto the background and one main light to highlight that one catch light in the eyes.  Just remember there is only one sun, right!  Then to go to fashion grey, I simply don’t fire the back light.  Then for the black background I use a v-flat and two kicker lights off of each shoulder.

I can also work outside for those environmental shots, but considering its getting cold out now, I think indoors is the key. So snow or rain,  I am not effected in the studio to get the job done.

My pricing packages for this service is $299.  Contact me or book online – Click Here