Model Portfolio for Agency Submissions

I offer model portfolio sessions for agency submissions.  My packages include up to four looks within a two hour session.  Each wardrobe change will include a headshot, 3/4 length and full body.  It is important to note that each model portfolio should showcase a variety of looks and experience. Communication and transparency is key.  My approach to model portfolios is to build your confidence and to provide you with the very best.

My clients enjoy the process of working with me because I showcase each look on a big screen and together we narrow them down to the very best.  This way the model can also see what is working for them and what they should do for the next look. For examples, the images you see within this article were taken of Hannah from EWH Management. During Hannah’s session she remarked:  “I never had a photographer share the images with me this way, I love this process.  It is so helpful for me to know what to do next or more of”

Hannah is in the development stage and needed to update her portfolio.  The images she had before were very dated and she needed to update her portfolio.  So, no matter what stage in the game you are in, it is important to update your images.  Same goes for corporate headshots for instance.  Yes many will keep their headshots for up to ten years, but the reality is you should update your images every 3-5 years.  For models it is important to show your experience, variety of looks, and to keep it all current.

Feel free to book your session with me online or contact me to discuss your needs.  If you book online I will reach out to you prior to your session to go over all the things you will need to prepare for your session.