Lifestyle Portraits for Social Networking

As a commercial photographer, I am often faced with request for lifestyle portraits for social networking.   Technology today allows us to post images to attract love, find work, and maintain communication within our communities. So it is essential to post the most relevant images of ourselves to communicate effectively our personal branding.

I offer sessions that includes in studio and on location to tell your story.  Images should provoke an ice breaker response.  For example a linkedIn headshot should be clean, modern, and professional.  However a photo posted on should include some environmental shots to show off your full body and not just a headshot.  For instance, if you are a person who likes hiking, it would be ideal to include an image of yourself in nature.  People on dating websites want to gather a feel for your personality as well as your looks, so make sure to include full body, 3/4 length, and headshots in your profile.  Trust me a photo of just your headshot won’t cut it for most.  I can’t press this enough due to the nature of headshots, most hold onto a good one for 5-10 years!  Also a headshot doesn’t reveal the rest of you and no one wants to base their first impression on imagination.  It is just a recipe for disaster.

Lifestyle portraits can also be used a form of advertisement.  Take a plastic surgeon for example, they may want images of their patients celebrating life and looking fabulous.  Its all about the story behind the work.  It is about the message you are trying to tell in order to attract what you’re after.   It could be a product, a service, or just yourself and the things you value as a person.  Lifestyle covers a lot of ground.

Feel free to reach out to me to plan your photo session. I look forward to collaborating with you!