Ghost Mannequin Photography Service

Don’t want to use a model for your e-commerce storefront, no problem.  Here at ArtChick Photo Studio we offer Ghost Mannequin Photography Service.  Simply drop off or mail your garments and we will take care of the rest.  It’s really that simple.

We prep the clothing from steaming to stylizing on set to retouching the final image. The turn around time is roughly 1-3 business days, all depending on the volume of materials sent.  Pricing is per product per shot, click here to learn more.  If you would prefer to be present during the session we can arrange in person or zoom for that virtual experience.

The benefit of the mannequin is that it removes all comparisons of one self and allows the buyer to imagine themselves in the garment.  It also allows you to cut down on the cost of hiring a model and makeup artist etc.  However some people opt into having a bit of both invisible mannequin and models, that is entirely up you.  Either way I am here to create the images you need to start making sales!

The samples in this article was created for a start up clothing company by a husband and wife team. They both work full time jobs and they would like to sell these items on the side for extra income.   Due to the fact that they are new to this venture, I don’t have a link to their website yet, as it is in development mode.  Perhaps I will add it in later once they have everything in place. For now I just wanted to provide more samples of this service, as I often cover assignments on real models.

I enjoy the entire process of these sessions and look forward to working you. Feel free to contact me to set something up.