Creative Portraits Red on Red

Considering Valentine’s Day is this month,  I felt compelled to dive into some creative portraits red on red.  We all know red is symbolic color for passion and a call to action.  Since my first attempted to photograph portraits in studio back in 2010, I always gravitated towards this color.  It is a powerful color and you must style it a certain way to pull it off.

For this photo diary entry I decided to share with you one of my recent photo session with red on red.   I also created a series of youtube videos to showcase behind the scenes and to share a little backstory why I created what I did.  I try to make these videos short and fun.  I hope you like them. Please let me know what you think so far and if you could subscribe to my youtube channel – click here.

Each week I plan to release one new video to share behind the scenes and other aspects of my life.

Here’s the video in the making of the cover shot.  Hope you like it!  If you are interested in a themed photoshoot like this one, contact me.