Catalog Photoshoot for Lingerie Company

Catalog Photoshoot for Lingerie Company all started in 2019, when I moved back to the original Church Street Studios location.  This company from Minnesota was looking for a photographer to not only shoot the garments, but to also find the talent to model in them.  Here at ArtChick Photo Studio we offer both.

Companies like this one ship the garments to me and direct me what they are looking for.  From there I follow the instructions and also place my own spin to the equation.  For example for this session I had the model, Lauren braid her hair midway through the shoot.  It’s the subtle details that goes a long way.  Sometimes I would have the model pose in creative ways after I get the required shots, just to see the clients reaction.

Twice a month I have creative shoots to display new concepts. However when I am shooting a job, I like to mix in some creativity on top of what is asked of me.  It can’t hurt to see how the client reacts to it.  In most cases the client loves it and ends up using those very shots.

I also create sets in studio and work on location for look books.  So if you are looking for a fashion catalog photographer with a studio and models, contact me.