Are Professional Dating Photos Necessary?

Since 2011, when I first started to photograph dating profiles, people would laugh in amazement. People would say things like “Are Professional Dating Photos Necessary?” and “People really hire a professional?”.   The short answer is yes and I’ll tell you why.

Great photos can make you more interesting, make it easier to message you and make you more attractive with the right lighting, confidence, style and body language. Similarly, bad dating photos can make attractive people less desirable and make them look cringy if done poorly.

It is apparent that in today’s world, especially after covid, hiring a professional for your dating profile is common.  However it is best to hire someone who specializes in this area of photography and puts your best interest in mind.  Most of these photographers will take portrait photos, stiff, staged photos, overly photoshopped images– these are the worst type of photos to use on your dating profile.

Your images should look like who you are.  If you do not look like your images, chances of scoring a second date are likely not to happen.

All of my images are either lightly retouched or straight out of camera. I am a strong believer in what is natural is better than faking it.  Of course if you want a falling dream surreal portrait that is another story. For dating profiles it should feel candid, natural, and resonate who you are and your interest.

I always suggest bringing a variety of clothing to choose from such as street attire, workout gear, business casual, and dressy.  It is so important to bring clothing that you enjoy wearing, receive compliments in and most importantly you are being who you are.

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