Personal Branding Photography Solutions

Tired of the typical  suit and tie or business casual photographs?   Take your photos further with personal branding photography solutions.

I provide creative results to convey your story.    For example, I recently worked with a creative agency who wanted a diverse and experienced photographer to deliver professional images for their employees.  They also wanted someone to provide something unique to stand out from their competitors.  Together we decided to use colored gels in front of their headshots using their company colors.  Now this is different and unexpected and honestly makes me want to click on each one.

When clicking  on each thumbnail, you are welcomed by a header image followed by a description and a series of images. These series of images below display their interest and personality traits.  Each person is approachable, fun, and unique. 

Interested to take your headshot further for yourself or with your entire team?  Contact me and together we can brainstorm some solutions for your personal branding.