Creative Shoot for a Musician

Always a pleasure to work on a creative shoot for a musician.  My mentor Joe Chielli would refer to such shoots with his coined phrase “Images for the Performing Arts”.  Joe’s dying wish was for me to continue on his legacy and so here is another tribute to him.

Joe shared with me his approach to portraiture which combined in studio and using the city as his stage.  Much like every portrait session, I always make sure to include a combination of both.  For a creative shoot such as this one, I like to intertwine my smoke machine and other creative filters and lighting effects.

Photo sessions like this are great for album covers, social media post etc.  Here’s an example of an image I created for this musicians album cover: click here .  Note the image was graphically altered and that is okay by me as long as the client is happy with the images I created for them. It is key that the photo session resinates with the artist and we are both feeling the vibe.

In order for sessions like this to work out perfectly, it is important to send me your music and to have a conversation about your vision.   Once we cover that stage I then create a mood board for use to gain our inspiration as well as to use during the photo session as a reference.

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