Commercial Male Model Portfolio

My approach to commercial male model portfolio is to keep it logical yet fun and out of the box.   Besides don’t you want to stand out among the rest of your competitors?  Of course you do, so together let us make that happen!

Considering I live and work in the city, having access to a grass field is hard to come by, so I had to improvise.  My client Bobby wanted a shot of himself golfing, so I said “How about golfing in the middle of Broad Street?” ; he loved the idea. To be honest this series of shots of Bobby golfing in the middle of a busy city street are my favorite shots.  Every time I nail a unique concept, I feel inspired to make an entire series from it, it feels that good!

Working with clients is a collaborative effort. I press it’s not all about me as the photographer, but everyone who is participating to create positive vibes and great impute. Bobby’s girlfriend Stephanie helped with his wardrobe and making him smile here and there when needed.  I am not much of a comedian so it’s helpful to have someone who can help my subjects smile naturally.

I always like to include a mysterious black background with kicker lights off the shoulders for headshots. This style I find works great for actors and models to intrigue the viewer and really capture the characteristics of the subject.  From there I will go with light grey and an airy white backdrop.  These are all classic and safe backdrops that all serve a purpose for telling a story.

The camera liked Bobby, he truly is a natural and I would highly recommend him for any commercial campaign. You can find his information on

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Photographer in Action
Photographer in Action
Photographer in Action

Behind The Scenes photos by Stephanie Source