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How many times have you heard men say “Oh, but I hate photo shoots.” ?  Here at ArtChick Photo Studio we offer portrait male model photography and solutions to help you look your best. I truly believe whether your male subject is a model, or just the Dad next door, all men are hungry for the opportunity to be a billboard model. Many photographers are reluctant to photograph males as they feel there are too few posing options, when in fact the total opposite is true.

I am inspired to show you how endless the possibilities are by sharing with you my most recent photo shoot with personal trainer, Reece.  When Reece arrived he was really nervous and unsure how to pose.  To help Reece feel more at ease, I made sure to provide a mirror so he could see himself while he was posing. I also included a mood board of poses to consider and showcased them on my big monitor. I do this for most clients, so they feel included in the process and collaborate with me.

All of my sessions are a collaborative effort. It’s not all about me as the photographer, its about the entire team working along side me that pulls everything together.  Imagine you are on set and given direction on how to pose, you must feel it too.  I like to include props to break nervousness.  For this session I included a ladder and a bar stool.

You also must create a positive vibe as well from offering water, playing fun music and so on.   This vibe shines in the subjects expression and body language, so make sure you are working with someone who not only understands lighting, composition, but can also put you at ease with confidence.

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