Stop Motion Animation for Products

by | Jul 11, 2022 | Product Photography

Stop Motion Animation for Products

Grab their attention, get them talking, and increase your sale with stop motion animation for products.  We all know Instagram and TikTok are competing with reels for  attention and increasing their followers.  Get on track with stop motion.  It’s short and sweet, fun, and people love it.

I am in the process of creating a whole gamut of samples for you this summer, here are a few I created over the weekend.

Stop Motion for Products

The above stop motion is a great example of one of the many possibilities.  Click it to hear the music on Instagram.  The cover shot for this reel is the heart shape images featured in this post.  The music fits perfectly too, you’ll witness it – click it. 

Cool Pineapple

Now this is one cool pineapple.  How could you argue that wearing rose colored glasses the world looks better.  Stop motion animation is so playful and people just love them.   I also added hashtags to attract new followers. Already I am seeing an increase in my followers.  Click the image to hear the music I chose for it on Instagram.

Want to collaborate on a project for your social media and e-blast marketing?  Contact me and let’s get creative!


Beyond the aesthetic appeal, spring also provided me with the perfect opportunity to scout for new locations to capture captivating portraits. The soft, warm light and the vibrant colors of the season added a natural charm to every frame. I would set out on my explorations, seeking out parks, gardens, and hidden corners where the beauty of nature intertwined seamlessly with the urban landscape. These scouting missions not only allowed me to discover picturesque backdrops but also provided me with a deeper connection to the city I now called home.

As the seasons changed, I realized the fleeting nature of spring. The cherry blossoms, like the moments captured through my lens, were ephemeral. It served as a gentle reminder to appreciate the beauty that surrounded me and the importance of cherishing each passing moment. It is with this sentiment in mind that I invite you to join me for a portrait session amidst the enchanting backdrop of Philadelphia in bloom. Let us create memories together, capturing the essence of this captivating season and preserving it for eternity.

Philadelphia, with its endless charm and hidden treasures, continues to inspire me as a photographer. The city holds a multitude of stories waiting to be told, and I am grateful for every opportunity to share them through my lens. So, let us embark on this photographic journey together, exploring the streets of Philadelphia, and capturing the timeless beauty that lies within.