Product Photography for E-Commerce

by | Aug 11, 2021 | Product Photography

Product Photography for E-Commerce

Professional product photography for e-commerce, adds credibility to your brand and relay to shoppers that you’re serious and  legitimate. Not to mention, beautiful photos that are well-lit and full of detail and texture evoke a positive emotional response from shoppers, which is always a great thing.

When photographing products that you’re trying to sell, it’s critical that you shoot only the product. Don’t dress up the photo with a fancy backdrop or flowers – this isn’t the time to get artistic.

Consumers arrive on your site to view and purchase your products, so stay focused on showcasing just the items you intend to sell to see an increase in conversions.

I provide in studio solutions to capture your products.  I also stylize the garments and products on set to showcase the best elements for each.  For instance for this assignment I was given backpacks, handbags, headbands, beach coverup, and pajamas.  This is a wide range of products to shoot in one session.  However I used table top and a mannequin, steamer to take out any wrinkles, double stick tape to hold things in position and fishing wire as well.  So I don’t just provide professional photographs, I also stylize as well.

I charge per product, which includes stylizing and 3-4 perspectives per item. Take a look at my pricing page to gather an estimate.  If you would like to use a model there is an additional charge.

Below are samples from my most recent assignment, which I also retouched as well.  Feel free to contact me if you are interested in this service.