Pet Portraits with Heather and Abba

by | Jun 28, 2021 | Pet Portraits

Pet Portraits with Heather and Abba

This is the story on how these pet portraits with Heather and Abba happened.

If you have a dog, you know what the morning brings.  You wake up desiring coffee, a shower, and to relax before the day unravels.  However when you have a dog, you have to throw something on and walk the dog before you receive unwanted presents.  Out in the crack of dawn, us dog owners share that disheveled look, yet we remain just as friendly with one another as the dogs are – ‘Good Morning’ smiling.  The dogs greet one another and sniff around.

My dog, Oreo, is a puppy of three months.  My boyfriend and I never had a dog before.  We started walking Oreo with just a collar, but realized that it was pulling on her neck, so we purchased a harness.  The thing is Oreo is going to get really big within a years time, and this $40 harness is not going to last long.  Heather’s dog Abba is nearly a year old.  She also purchased several harnesses over the last few months.  We got to chatting as our dogs were playing and Heather said: “I don’t know anyone with a puppy and we have extra harnesses and outfits that Abba doesn’t fit into anymore. We also have pee pads that we no longer need.  Would you like them?”  And of course I jumped at the opportunity.

I invited Heather and Abba to come over to the studio to drop off the items.  As a token of gratitude I offered to photograph them.  When they arrived at the studio Abba and Oreo immediately started playing around.  I had to separate them for a little while, so to photograph Abba and then Heather with Abba.  Afterward I let Oreo back out so to play again with Abba and uploaded the images onto my big monitor.

Heather loved the images and so did I, especially the black and white one with Abba looking silly. Heather even changed her Instagram profile image from one from this set.  I am so happy that I could do something in exchange to make Heather equally as happy.