Model Portfolio Photo-Video Shoot

by | Aug 11, 2021 | Model + Actor Portfolios

Model Portfolio Photo-Video Shoot

Model Portfolio Photo-Video Shoot is a great solution for those looking to build their model portfolio.  These sessions not only include photography but also a fashion video up to one minute or less in length.  Having a video of yourself is a great way to stand out from the rest.  Let’s face it, people have a short attention span online and they must see things move as well as cool catchy images.

As a commercial photographer and videographer, I noticed that people like to see how the garments move on a body.  I find including video for e-commerce to be the next level to up the sales.  This isn’t anything new, there are many website including this feature already.  However for model agencies and independent models, I find including this in their portfolio to be key.  Plus I get to practice some new concepts to present to clients talent and creative solutions.  So personally this is a win win for everyone, from the agency to the model to the client.

For this session I worked with Nicole B. King (IG @nickybeeking).  She provided her own wardrobe and did her own makeup. Nicky is a great model to work with.  We started collaborating on concepts since 2020 and we both landed several publications internationally for fashion and glamor.

I started the session with Nicky wearing a red wig and blue jean outfit to contrast with the pink.  I also added some dramatic lighting to capitalize on it.  I used my profoto lights with bare bulb and one v-flat to create the split light onto the background.  I also used a red gel over the bare bulb, as you can see in the beginning of the video. For the second and last look, I used all natural light.