Female Commercial Photographer

Some voice inside my head said, “google top commercial photographers in Philadelphia” and see what comes up.  What I discovered was a laundry list of male photographers and no mention of one female in the industry. As a matter of fact I am the only female commercial photographer who’s pure focus is commercial, not weddings or family portraits.  So why is it that I am not mentioned at all?;  I wonder.  This is something I must tackle and find out what I can do differently to be known.

My goal is to take your brand marketing to the next level with my professional commercial photography. I assist companies in developing their branding and producing content. My photography solves plenty of business problems.  It’s in my nature to do so within every aspect of my life from business to personal, I enjoy problem solving.

After 17 years in my back pocket, I realize I still have a ways to go to break through all this noise.  In life it is about connections and having the talent one appreciates and recognizes. To be honest I would like to see myself shooting ad campaigns in the near future.  I am determined to do so and will do anything to break deeper into this world of commercial photography.

My deepest passion is surrealism and providing intrigue and wonder within my subjects.  Yes I cover business headshots, model/actor portfolios, fashion catalog and product photography, but perhaps instead of  providing samples of what the average consumer wants, perhaps it is time I set the tone of my own voice. So moving forward expect to see in addition something different on this website – surreal and unique.