Fashion Catalog for Lingerie Company

The past three years, I’ve covered the photography of a fashion catalog for lingerie company called Lexington Intimates. This company is based in Minnesota and discovered me through a google search.  My casting director from Philly Faces helped find the model to fit their budget and to be their go to model over the years.  It is such a pleasure to help companies like this one and produce consistent results.

Fashion catalog is one of my favorite things to photograph here at my studio in center city Philadelphia.  I have my lighting down to a science and am able to produce beautiful results straight out of camera, which enables me to quickly deliver your images in record time.  I must say after a decade and a half,  jobs like this one are not so easy to land.  However when I do, I am so proud and look forward to the return from summer and spring to winter fall looks.

Lauren is the model we use for this client and she is always on time and very professional. I am looking forward to working with Lauren on other projects. So if you are interested in working with both of us contact me.