Community Dog Halloween Gathering

I’m so happy to be part of the community dog halloween gathering organized by Rail Park Rascals.  Seems since covid, many people adopted dogs, so it was to no surprise the big turn out at the Rail Park Halloween gathering.  Everyone showed up with their dogs all dressed up for the holiday and some of the owners as well.  Naturally of course when you gather a large group of dogs and supply treats, the dogs will go crazy.  My dog Nina had a blast making new friends and showing off her skills to follow directions, sit, stay,  up up, for treats.  I created a Instagram page for Nina and of course linked all the images to Rail park Rascals.  So far she has 100 followers!

I remember meeting the gentleman who runs an Instagram page called “Pups of Rail Park”, where he captures all the local dogs in the area and promotes the park as well. Its nice to have this park near by.  Every morning when I walk Nina, I get to meet my neighbors and at times at night as well.  The area is filled with trees, bird feeders, and swing benches.  It’s like a sweet oasis away from the concrete jungle of Philadelphia.  I must say without a great community, living in the city can be a bit rough at times.  It is so important that the people make living in a place special.  I am so proud to be part of this community and to be running a successful creative career.

Speaking of career.  One of the locals mentioned that she referred me a client for a headshot session and how pleased they were with the end results.  I guess my socializing and instagram is working after all.  It’s so hard to judge at times how much of an impact our social feeds have, so this took me by surprise.  I am a bit modest about my work and just adore socializing and meeting good people.  Anyways I hope you enjoy these shots.  I would of loved to have captured more, but again it was hectic with all that high dog energy.

Feel free to contact me in regards to portraits with or without your pet.  I work both in studio and on location.  Let’s have fun!