Commercial Video Services

Commercial Video Services

We here at ArtChick Photo Studio cover a range of commercial video services from promotional and product videos to documentary films and interviews.  Here’s a list of services to consider and video examples to inspire you.


Promotional videos are an effective tool in marketing that successfully provide information in the shortest amount of time. Promotional videos can create short, fun pieces of work that maintain the viewer’s interest.


A product video is an explainer video that effectively demonstrates the benefits of a product. A brilliant product video should inspire customers to believe in the product rather than just focusing on its features.


Documentary films are non-fictional, “slice of life”, factual works of art. Video production specialists have immense experience and knowledge in creating documentary films that tell unrivaled stories.


Tutorial videos allow for interaction and help reinforce information more effectively. We, at ArtChick Photo Studio , create comprehensive tutorial videos that take customers through the entire process of using a product or service.


Review videos is the formal assessment or critical appraisal of any product or service. Such videos are helpful for an audience to decide on the products or services with firsthand information.


Using visual medium while providing testaments on your brand’s service or product can help increase sales and trust. However, it’s crucial that such testimonial videos are authentic and not scripted.