Advertising Photography for a Podcaster

by | Oct 9, 2021 | Business Headshots

Advertising Photography for a Podcaster

I had the pleasure of working on this project for advertising photography for a podcaster, Amie Sheridan. Amie provides sports & entertainment industry leaders the tools they need to be seen and heard by their peers and prospects.  Visit her website to learn more and make sure to follower her on Instagram.

Amie wanted to freshen up her images for her marketing campaigns, so together we brainstormed some solutions.  I advised her to bring her mic as a prop and up to three outfits to change into.  The makeup artist, Marcia Williams from Embellish did a fantastic job and Amie was so impressed with how well we work together as a team.  It is so important to have a great makeup artist to help cut down on retouching needs.  There’s also something about a little splash of color on the lips to really set the tone as well.  Embellish is well known for their red lipstick and many of my models and clients just adore this color.

When working with clients in studio, I always like to work with a pure white background. I find this is a great staple to have and works wonders for all website layouts.   I then like to move onto light fashion grey for the second look.  The third look may vary with either environmental or another backdrop.  For this session I chose black for the last look.

If you are interested to set up a marketing campaign with me, simply contact me directly here.  Together we can arrange a zoom or phone consultation and discuss your vision for your photography and even perhaps your video needs.  If you are interested in video I can provide you with samples of my work that relates to your vision.  I have my own go to production crew too.