5 Signs You Have a Bad LinkedIn Profile Picture

by | Mar 23, 2023 | Business Headshots

5 Signs You Have a Bad LinkedIn Profile Picture

Here are 5 signs you have a bad LinkedIn Profile Picture.

#1. Cropping Someone Out
A solution many people use because they like they way they look in the image. The problem is in order to remove any hint of another person’s clothes or body parts, you may have to severely crop your own image to make it work. Instead, take a new picture where you are the focus.

#2. Head Cut Off
Such photos gets many things right – a smile on the face and looking at the camera but it makes you wonder what the top of the head looks like. Instead crop your photo so that all of your head is in the picture.  

#3. Busy Background
All eyes should be on you and not what is going on in the background. Instead try using a neutral background. 

#4. Side Profile
A side profile conveys that you do not want to engage with the viewer. With your eyes looking away, you do not connect with the camera. You want your headshot to be direct and approachable.

#5 Party Photo
Why do we need to see you at a party? LinkedIn is not Facebook. Keep the alcohol, sexy clothes, and other non-office-appropriate pictures off of your profile. Better yet, if you are in a job search, just delete them (or at least untag yourself) from all these types of photos.

If you do not fall within any of these signs, then bravo to you!  However you may want to ask yourself; “When was the last time you updated your photo?”  If you answered more than 2 years ago, then you are overdue.  If you do not have a profile photo, then that signifies to people you are hiding something.  Either way, you obviously came here because you need help with your profile photo and I am here to help.

Feel free to contact me or book your appointment online. I will be in touch to go over what to bring for your photos session.