It’s about time I rolled up my sleeves and dived back into YouTube. Just imagine if I stayed with it since I signed up back in 2007, but it’s okay, life happened. Anyways I am excited to introduce a new series I launched this year called “Surreal Selfie Challenge”. I was inspired by YouTuber Sorelle Amore’s – Selfie Challenge videos, but I didn’t want to copy her, so I put my own twist to the “Selfie”. For years I created these surreal portraits of myself in order to improve my photoshop skills. Now that I am studying film making at Rutgers University, I decided to learn Adobe After Effects. I always imagined these surreal photographs to come to life, and I am now in the process of making that my reality.  Each selfie clone is filmed and composed together into one frame. I can play out different sides of my personality from the focused ArtChick,  the rebel ArtChick,  The silly ArtChick etc. I discovered many helpful tutorials through the YouTube community and through my university, so I am excited to learn these new tools. As the year continues I look forward to getting better each time I release a new video. It’s a lot of work to produce these videos. I have to think about wardrobe, dialogue, composition, lighting, sound, and editing in order to pull it all together. Sometimes when I am down I find it especially hard to focus and to create content that is funny, but the reward is staying focused and getting it done. It’s a slow crawl and a huge learning curve to build up my channel. I have nearly 300 subscribers so far and I’m aiming for 1000.   Don’t get me wrong 1000 subscribers will most likely make me 50 cents, but it will enable me to dive into the statistics and strategize. Thank you to everyone who subscribed to my YouTube channel “ArtChick TV” . Your support means the world to me. And by all means please leave comments and request.