What does your background say about you?

I recently joined clubhouse (follow me @artchickphotos)  to see what all the noise was about and I quickly noticed something many may overlook. I am an artist and problem solver by trade. It’s in my nature to study images and video to see how one conveys their story so well and how I can do the same for my clients.

Colors in the background say it all. Traditionally professionals photographers will photograph your headshot with either a white, gradated, or environmental background.

However on clubhouse all the main speakers and moderators have a vibrant colored background and complimentary garments. Everyone else just blends into the pack.

This inspired me to approach the art of the headshot or as I say “The Headshot is the New Handshake”, in an entirely new way. Just yesterday I went to the art supply shop and hand painted a canvas backdrop. I have a fine art painting background so mixing my 16 years of commercial photography and painting, this does it.

I would like to create portraits that are classic, vibrant, and unique. Not just any background but one that is genuine and created on purpose for the individual.

Take Weichert for example. The colors are bright yellow, black and white. My idea is to take everyones headshot with this vibrant yellow background and have them wear black and white garments. I will also provide a makeup artist to remove any blemishes.

I’m available to work in my studio or on location. Don’t worry my studio is portable as well. With spring and summer on the way, we can aim for outdoors sessions! Who doesn’t like to enjoy some good weather and get something productive done at the same time.

If you do decide to come to my studio, which is located on 1238 Callowhill Street, Unit 208, Philadelphia PA 19123. Right off of 95, easy in out and out of the city, plenty of free street parking and a public lot across the street. I also sanitize everything before and after my photo-shoots and wear a mask the entire time.

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