Vixen Village Boutique Couture Shoot

Fashion couture for startup online boutique.  I offer assistance in seeking talent, photography, video, and quick turn around for online presence.  The owner of Vixen Village Boutique decided to provide her own talent without a casting call.  However for some much like Pinkly Perfect we offered in studio casting call to seek talent. The question is a fundamental one that should be considered carefully when marketing clothing. Should we shoot on models, mannequins, or simply lay out the clothing items and shoot it flat. We have shot fashion many different ways, sometimes even in combinations of models, layouts, and mannequins.

Consequently you can see that when one considers all the variables, the question of model or mannequin is complex. We think the choice is best made when our clients focus on the kind of statement they want to make about their fashions. It is the fashion marketing person’s decision. If you are selling clothes with an attitude, you may prefer models. If you are selling clothes with amazing color and texture you may want to use mannequins. The choice is yours. We are there to make it happen as you wish, with models, mannequins or both.

My rates vary depending on how many items need to be shot the day of.  Pricing can range from an hourly cost of $200,  half day (4 hours) $800, or full day (8) $1600.  Half day and full day request includes casting call to seek talent in studio.