This was my first time visiting Montreal, traveling by myself to another country, and renting out with Airbnb.  To my surprise I discovered the best place to stay for a week with a view of Saint Catherine Cathedral, located in the heart of Montreal.   I woke up everyday, lit a candle for Joe, played my freesbie drum (Zen Percussion),  and ran every other day.  The first day I ran up Mount Royal.  Another day I ran through the city to Old Montreal and along the Pier.  Mount Royal was by far the best running experience because once you reach the top you can travel down through wooden paths and back to the heart of the city.

This vacation for me was a personal retreat to reboot myself and my creative juices.  The museum of Fine Art and Modern Art  really impressed me and provided me with some new lighting techniques, which I will reveal later this year.   Also the murals on Rue Saint Laurent and little side streets, I found way more inspiring then the murals here in Philadelphia. (Sorry Philly).  I would love to see murals much like the ones in Montreal throughout the alleyways and streets of Philadelphia.   There are so many walls in the city just begging to be filled with inspiring colors, shapes, and form.  Below are some samples of murals and screen shots of my runs.

Next visit I will focus on landscapes within Mount Royal and the musicians at Le Petite Bar on Rue St-Denis.