Trip Video Project

I’m in the process of completing my BA in Film Making at Rutgers University by the end of 2019.  Below is a video project I was assigned for my Video Archeology class.   We were assigned three random words to choose from and to base the film project on.  My words were Master, Trip, and oh boy I forgot the 3rd one.  I chose “Trip” for my project.   Instead of the obvious taking a road trip or tripping on something I chose something a bit more psychedelic… Trippy!

I adore spiral staircases, especially this one because it leads to nowhere and overlooks Camden from Philadelphia.  It’s located in a very strange place as well and honestly it’s hard for me to direct you how to get there.  Anyways I used my GoPro and iPhone to document the footage and filters within my iPhone app and Adobe Premier Pro.

I hope you like it!