Transform Your Photos into NFT’s

I have this reoccurring dream of an elephant wearing a sign that says “Transform Your Photos into NFT’s”.  I can’t ignore this thought, so its time to turn ArtChick®  photos into NFTs and dive into this digital world.  In case you are wondering what in the world is an NFT? NFT stands for “non-fungible token”, which is unique and can’t be replaced with something else.  Of course you maybe thinking – okay I’m still lost.  Here’s another explanation:

Lindsey Adler at Adorama puts it best: “NFTs allow you to create something that can’t be duplicated: the ownership of the artwork! Think of it as a digital fingerprint, or signature, or certificate of authenticity for your photo. In short, NFTs allow you to create limited editions of your digital work, all while you retain the copyright.”  So in other words, this means that you can sell an NFT of your most popular photograph and still continue to show your image on your Instagram or website, license it to companies, sell prints in your online shop and more.

The last several days I have been researching how to get started. First I had to create a digital wallet and chose MetaMask. From there I signed up on Foundation and OpenSea to create my first NFT’s to sell.  However it’s not that easy because on Foundation you have to be voted by other creatives to start posing content.  (Here’s a link explaining Community Upvotes.).  So far I need two more votes to post my first NFT for sale.  To vote me in on Foundation click here.  You will need to connect your digital wallet first in order to place your vote.  Here’s a link that will walk you through on how to create one – Click Here