The Life of ArtChick YouTube Series

I’m excited to present “The Life of ArtChick YouTube Series”, which will showcase behind the scenes of my creative projects, thoughts, and inspirations.  Personally I enjoy watching other youtube creators make vlogs on a regular basis.  There is something about the organic honesty that it brings.  It is also comforting to listen to another persons thoughts and to see how they capture their day to day life.  So, I am on a mission to showcase my own life and I hope to inspire you along the way.

For my first creative shoot for this year (2023), I worked with hairstylist, makeup artist, and model and together we focused on the color red and valentines day. I used my iphone and Nikon Zfc for the video and the Nikon Z9 for the stills.  For professional video work for clients I will purely use the Nikon Z9 (8K video capability BTW) but for youtube everything goes.

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