The Art of the Actor Headshot

My first introduction to the art of the actor headshot was through my mentor Joe Chielli.  Joe Chielli was well known throughout the community as the go-to photographer for actor headshots.  He also coined the concept of the talking head videos way before social media existed.   Check out this article written by the New York Times which proves I’m not making things up here.

Joe dying wish was for me to continue his legacy.  He taught me everything he knew from lighting to proposal writing etc.  I remember him introducing me to the optical snoot back in 2011.  He used this lighting modifier to project unique patterns onto the background for his portraits.  It become his signature mark.  Nowadays I see this modifier everywhere.  That is the way the world works.  People catch on and copy and so it goes.  Either case, every time I use the optical snoot, I feel like I stepped back in time to the old Church Street Studios days.

For this photo diary, I featured my very first client for 2022.  She is just starting her career in acting and was advised to hire a professional.  She interviewed several, however once she spoke with me she walked away inspired.

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