Target Ad Campaigns During Quarantine

In 2020, I was inspired by Target Ad Campaigns During Quarantine. At this time the only stores open were Target, Walmart, and there was Amazon too. Every time I walked into a Target store, I’d find myself studying the images.  I would ask myself things like: How it was shot?, What makes it so appealing?, and How would I shoot it differently? etc.

Taking into consideration the world was shut down, I had only myself or my archives to work with. Speaking of working with very little, the archives I selected were shot on a rooftop with no lights, just the sun, one v-flat, and one model. Talk about baring down!

I enjoy the process of putting together photoshoots. There’s a synergy to the equation from the creative to the technical aspects. It’s not all about taking pretty photos.  It’s also about negotiating with the people  and mapping out the creative process.

When creating these mock ups, I started to daydreaming about shooting the Forman Mills Fashion Catalogs from 2011 – 2018. I not only covered the photography, I also filmed the commercials. I had two sets, one  for photography and the other set for the filming.  Having two sets allowed allowed us all to leverage on time and to stay within budget.

The most rewarding experience one could have is to walk into a store and to see your work printed everywhere.  I cherish those moments.  However during quarantine, those moments were placed on hold and I just couldn’t bare not to create.

My goal in life is to create and inspire those around me. Having demand and delivering a great product is what I strive for.  It’s all about the relationships you keep, word of mouth, and the work you deliver.