Switching from Nikon to Canon

I decided switching from Nikon to Canon is the best way to go to keep up with the latest technology.  Here are my reasons:

  1. Nikon is a small company with limited resources compared to Canon
  2. Price and getting more for my money
  3. Nikon is phasing out of DSLR altogether

Simple yet logical reasons one can’t argue.  So with that in mind, I am very happy I made this change.  However my DSLR Nikon D850 is still my favorite for still photography.  I plan to keep it and use it for as long as I can.  The Nikon D3X I plan to keep for sentimental reasons.  My mentor Joe Chielli’s spirit ran through this camera when he passed away.  Beside if I sold it I would get maybe $900 if I was lucky and frankly money can’t buy what I experienced shooting with this camera.  Anyways moving onto Canon.

This is my photo diary, so I wanted to share my first series of test shots using the Canon R5.  So far I love what I have captured both outside within an environmental setting and in the studio. Also considering it is August and most of my muses are on vacations, I had to use my dog Nina as my model for these test.  In September I am plotting some fashion editorials for both still and video, so keep a look out!

For the environmental shots I used my Profoto A1 light on tripod.  I love how vivid the colors are and how sharp Nina looks.  The quality is outstanding. Take a look.

Switching from Nikon to Canon

Moving in studio I used two Profoto B10s lights, one with a blue gel for the background and the main light, I used a beauty dish with a grid.   Again the quality is sharp and vivid.

Pet Portraits

Now for video test!  I plan to use also my GoPro camera along with the Canon R5.  I will post that footage on my Youtube channel ArtChick TV.  Make sure to subscribe for updates!   

In the meantime I am always available for pet portraits – people – products.  See you soon and have a great rest of your summer. Thank you for reading.