Before shooting this assignment I looked up images of Sleepy + Boo and noticed there were not many good images of them. Honestly I can see why. They are the most difficult to photograph because the wife clearly doesn’t like to be photographed live. More than half the time she was on her cellphone working on social media. I prefer to be discrete when shooting dj’s live so not to distract them, however seeing that it was a serious challenge I had to keep shooting for the money shot.

I also tried my best to create my signature psychedelic lightwave effect with my Nikon D800. I must say I miss working with my Canon EOS 5D Mark II for these very events. I find the Canon is more forgiving for focusing in the dark whereas the Nikon gives me hell. Nikon is great for studio work but for nightlife photography for me not my tool of choice.

Anyways the music was fantastic and I had a great time either way. These are my favorites from the session. Boy maybe I can talk these guys into a studio session sometime.