Sisters in Music and Poetry Promo

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Trapeta is a native of Liberia who immigrated to the United States in 1975. She considers herself to be richly blessed to understand the roots of her culture in both Africa and America. She grew up in North Philadelphia and currently resides in Germantown as part of the Greene Street Artists Cooperative,

A productive and progressive literary artist, Trapeta has performed for and conducted workshops with individuals and groups from pre-school to the elderly in premiere performance venues, churches, institutions, corporations, educational and community settings. Described as a poet who skillfully crafts for the page and also ignites on the stage, Trapeta combines her life experiences, observations on the world, stories of the unheard, background as a licensed clinical social worker and her natural gift of verse to create poems that relate to one and all.

In partnership with highly regarded and supremely talented jazz guitarist Monnette Sudler, Trapeta and Monnette founded Sisters in Music and Poetry in early 2000. The two have collaborated to blend original poetry and music to create a unique and poignant experience for audiences around the country and beyond through poetry and music workshops, residencies and performances.

Guitarist Monnette Sudler loves music by classic jazz guitarist like Wes Montgomery, Pat Marino, and Bolo Sete.  She continue to be inspired by her family, colleagues and the communities where she has either lived or been of some service.  Monnette grew up listening to Nat Kin Cole and the Motown sounds. Her first teacher was a positive influence that taught folk music of different eras, Paul Simon, Richie Havens, Joni Mitchell and Mississippi Reds.  Later Monnette was influenced by the music of John Coltrane, Yuseef Lateef, Thelonious Monk, Art Blakey, Wayne Shoer and Miles Davis.  Monnettes’ music reflects her diverse exposure and love varied genres.