Landscape Series

Although I prefer to work with people mainly, sometimes it’s necessary to slow down with nature. This series of landscapes forces me to  be one with nature and to embrace being in the moment with my craft.  It’s good practice for me spiritually.

Sometimes you have to work fast with clients due to time constraints; such as time frame paying models for their time or say an event.  Deep down I desire to slow it down and refine things even further but I have to force myself not to because time is nearly up.  This is why creative projects are so important.  It allows me to enjoy the process of exploring new methods of approach and take my time with no pressure of money and time.    Let’s face it making art is not all about making money, it’s about being present and reflecting.

When I am not busy working in the studio or on location, I like to take the time to build on this series.  I also write poetry to go with some of the images.   For example the first image in this body of work, I wrote this poem to reflect on my loss of Joe Chielli, who passed away in February 2017.  He was a great mentor and father figure for me.

“Break Me Down”

Break me down and let me flow
Abstractly cleanse my habitual bliss
Aware and content
Accept my freedom
to reflect upon your eyes
and admire me
be with me
Break me down into the cuff of your hands
hold me
inspire me
Break me down from a far
reflect with me

– Kristine Di Grigoli – ArtChick TM
February 25, 2017

The first two colored images of Devil’s Pond, I hiked in the Wissahickon Trails at 5 a.m. on a Saturday.  My friends thought I was crazy the friday before, but I knew it was something I needed to explore.  Joe Chielli was the person who showed me these trails when I first moved to Philadelphia in 2011. He said “This will end up being your favorite place to go”.  He was so right about that. I adore running long distance in these trials in the morning and on my days off.   This time I decided to slow it down and hike it, just the same as I did when I first learned about this place with Joe.  It was a healing process or me to reflect on Joe, thus the poem and the sunrise.

The black and white square images in this collection was taken with my Yashima-D medium format camera; a gift from Anthony DeMelas.  I always wanted to re-explore film, especially medium format.  I must say its really expensive process and you really have to take your time when taking images.   Each photo you must think through carefully before taking it.  You have to use a tripod or hold it really stead, take a deep breath, and snap.