Advertising Photography and Graphic Design for an interactive volleyball video game were created for Vtree Inc. to promote their new gaming product. that can be used on both ipad and android. This was a very interesting and complex project involving carefully shooting to spec with model and product in studio, and then working with our in house graphic designer to satisfy the complicated ad specifications for the Samsung advertising campaign.

James did a great job running casting calls to help us find a model. The model had to be precisely positioned in various poses with the necessary props while the lighting was set to produce a clean modern effect. Each pose was photographed from a series of slightly different angles to make sure we had the perfect angle with which to design a convincing advertising image.

Our model worked out perfectly. She was great at holding the poses and making tiny shifts in angle while maintaining the overall posture. Kristine did a great job photographing the model. Ken, our graphic designer, did a great job with making the ad clean and modern with hints of the interactive volleyball video game and a high tech feeling of excitement and fun.

We really enjoy the wide range of assignments that come through our studio doors. It seems that every job is different and keeps us thinking and growing with every new challenge.