Product Photography for Amazon

Here at ArtChick® Photo Studio, we offer product photography for Amazon.  I recommend photographing products on a white background with or without a model.  We can also take a series of images on location as well, but the most critical and most effective shots are the details of the product on white.  

For this assignment having a model was needed in order to communicate the message to their clients.  My casting director James Foytlin from, provided the model to fit the clients budget and vision.

Below are a series of images taken in studio for Botaniflex Products.  Botaniflex Products are used for orthopedic support. To learn more here’s a link to their website.  You will notice my images used throughout the website as well.

For sessions such as these, I charge per product and take a series of shots from all angles. Also take into account the styling is included in the pricing. I prefer to dog the details every step of the way from lighting to the composition.

Retouching is additional, however I do my best aim for perfection so to eliminate the need for retouching.  There are however exceptions to the rule when it comes to pure pop out white. In that case let me know because there are times companies do not have their own in house graphic designers and it would be my pleasure to take care of it for you.

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Product Photography for Amazon