Plus-size modeling is a general term for models who fall above a certain dress size. If you qualify as plus-size, you can be anything from a print model or a high-fashion model. 

By deciding on a modeling job ahead, you get to envision what your portfolio should look like and work with a photographer in bringing that to life. Unfortunately, this is an industry that won’t let you pick the jobs you will do, so remember to do your research on the requirements of working in a certain modeling job before deciding to pursue it. 

There are specific types of photos that agencies like to see in your modeling portfolio. These photos showcase your versatility and how you choose to express yourself. Here are a few ideas:


  • Beauty shot. A beauty shot should be your priority when you do your first photo session. To best describe a beauty shot, it is a colored photo of the model’s face from the shoulders up. This should allow the agency to see you without styling or heavy makeup. So this means accessories, jewelry, and makeup should all be kept to a minimum.
  • Body shot. As the name implies, a body shot allows the client to see your proportions and body type. A simple skinny jeans and t-shirt combination will work fine for this type of photo. 
  • Editorial shot. Editorial shots are a great way to boost your career as a fashion model. To capture the best editorial photos, keep things interesting. Run, jump, dance, and pose in high-fashion looks you see on the runway! Don’t be afraid to express yourself while showcasing your unique sense of style.