Pet Portraits with French Bulldog

My very first client for my pet portraits with french bulldog, Darla. Okay Darla you ready for your photo op, here’s a treat, come onto the set, sit and snap snap.   Darla is deaf but like any dog she loves her treats.  The owner Lori also brought her favorite dog couch as a prop, which was helpful to keep her on the set. To hold Darla’s attention, I had Lori hold a treat to her nose, then bring the treat up to the camera before I would take the picture. Usually, the dog’s gaze will follow the treat.

It’s always a good rule of thumb to bring treats and something your dog is familiar with; for example: the dog couch.  It could also be their favorite toy or perhaps an outdoor stick or frisbee.

Whenever I start out a session with a client, I always take a few test shots to check on the exposure.  From there I like to step back a little, let the subject get comfortable, and then start shooting. As I am snapping away I take into account little expressions and body language.  For instance the way Darla would prop herself up on the ledge of the couch, so to reach the treat dangling from Lori’s fingertips.  “Hold that Lori, this is great”. snap snap.  And then directed Lori to stand off to the side at a ninety degrees, so to capture some great headshots of her.

Within a thirty minute session, I was able to gather several amazing shots of Darla.

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Commercial Pet Photographer
Commercial Pet Photographer