Personal Branding and Lifestyle Portraits

Personal Branding and Lifestyle Portraits , aims to capture portraits of businesses and entrepreneurs in real-life situation or scenery in an artistic manner, with the art of the everyday. Let’s face it in today’s world people want to see every aspect of your life online before they decide to work with you.  The won’t just stop at LinkedIn, they are very likely to look you up on Facebook too.  So it is key to showcase both your professional photo in one place and your personal lifestyle shots on Facebook for example.

The primary goal is to tell stories about the person’s life or business and to inspire the viewer. Whether it’s your quirky personality, goofiness or your detail-obsessed habits, lifestyle photography can help convey your true colors through the lens to add a bit more personality to your website and social media feeds.

These sessions can also be used to spice up your dating profiles as well.  Trust me there’s nothing to be embarrassed about, many of my clients use these sessions as a combination of business and personal.

Create powerful story-telling visuals with Personal Branding and Lifestyle Portraits, evoke emotions, a sense of realness and create a better connection to your viewers.