Nikon Rumors and Delayed Distribution

I wanted to share with you some Nikon rumors and delayed distribution games.  Boy this had me going and it sure cost me a pretty penny.   Either way I learned my lesson in the process.  If you have been following my photo diary, you would have read about my “Switching back to Canon” announcement three months ago.  Well after I purchased the Canon R5 I realized why I switched to Nikon years ago.  There are a number of reasons I don’t like Canon and my frustrations grew each day.  The whole idea of selling all my Nikon gear made me uneasy too.

When Nikon announced they were doing away with DSLR I freaked out.  All I could think was the best DSLR ever made was soon to go obsolete. I knew I had to move into the new technology to keep up.  Then I placed myself on a waiting list for the Nikon Z9 and over a year all I received was it was “out of stock”.  I lost my patience and caved in and bought the Canon R5, two prime lenses, and a Profoto receiver.  Let me tell you it was a hefty purchase but I had to do so for the business.  

Three months after I purchased this Canon I received news that the Z9 was available.  The whole idea of selling all my Nikon gear collected over a decade made me feel uneasy within.  Logically it would be best to keep it and slowly transition into the new mirrorless system. So I switched back and now I have the Z9.  

I am looking forward to bringing my clients only the best quality images and video. In the end it was worth saving my business and keeping up with the latest technology and trends minus the added cost of losing patience. 

My advice if you are looking to invest in gear.  Pick one and stay with it.  Read the news but wait it out a few months to see if it sticks.  Keep in mind once you buy something and walk out the door with it, it loses value unless you attempt to sell it independently (not so easy).  

I am being honest here and I know some would say, keep that to yourself. However people need to know the truth.  I am a real person just trying to produce the best results within my craft.  I am always learning new lighting techniques and ways to direct my clients to pose better.  It is an ongoing process.  The technology continues to advance and I am always learning about that too.  Take AI (Artificial Intelligence)  for example and the demand for video everywhere.  It never ends how much you need to know in order to sustain a living. I am all about keeping up with it all and I am always there for you!  Together let’s craft your message and tell your story so we both succeed.  

Online booking is available or message me, I respond quickly.  That apparently is a rare find! 

Featured Photo of Dog Model/Actor Nina –  Time for a Vacation heeeee.