New Year 2018 Resolutions


“You learn to think what you want to think and when one learns that, one need never be unhappy again. Only a fool becomes voluntarily unhappy” –  Ayya Khema,  Being Nobody, Going Nowhere.


Currently I am in the process of creating my first solo show for the new year.  I’m excited to release a series of work I like to call “Hidden Identity and Emotion”.   I am a bit nervous about this show to be honest.  I never attempted to create a series of photographs to exhibit before.   This new year resolution I decided to push myself to challenge my imagination and focus on my artistic side.  Don’t get me wrong everything I photograph I find is an art in itself, but this series is about perspective in real time delivered abstractly.   Each image is shot in camera with a few minor edits in photoshop.   I am anxious to share with you this series this new year. Stay tuned for opening dates and show times.

I also would like to take this time to reflect on my 2017.   I am grateful for all your support and referrals.   It has been a really challenging year for me.

#1. Losing my mentor Joe Chielli, founder of  Church Street Studios.  He was to young and went to fast.  Not something I expected.  This loss has forced me to start meditating everyday.  I know Joe is proud of me for doing this finally.  For years he wanted me to sit and meditate and use to joke that my cat Taj would use the meditation cushion more than me.  Now the times have changed!

#2.  New studio development, one year so far! .  Thank you to all my friends for helping me set up the new studio after the old Church Street Studios disaster. Thank you also to my clients for staying loyal to me throughout the year.   Although my studio mate left me in October 2017, I am still managing to survive on my own thank you again for your support.

#3.  Travels.  Adobe Jam Motivational Speaker for Penn State University in March.  (Joe would of been so proud of me! and what a great uplifting experience after losing Joe a month prior) .   Adobe Max Attendee in Vegas,  Thank you Adobe for inviting me to this amazing event. I learned so much and it really inspired me to keep pushing myself further.    Scotland for Thanksgiving with Family. It was great to see my step brother from Greece and connect as a family.  No folks I’m not from Scotland or Scottish.. very random place to go honestly and fun.  And lastly Montreal for business and pleasure. First time I ever took myself away on vacation in years.  This time I decided to take the train to Montreal and Airbnb with an amazing view.  I met some really amazing people there and returned a bit later in the year to shoot for a model agency and musician.  Traveling is great and at the same time exhausting on the body.  I also learned a lot about good and bad airline experiences.  Just a heads up stay away from Spirit Airlines, they are by far the worst.

#4.  Celebration Exhibit for Joe Chielli.  Only a small few were able to make this show.  A bit disappointing really, but I know not to take this personally.  This exhibit took me 8 months to put together.  Every time I took out his work I would cry.   Eight months later I found myself stronger and able to pull the show together for the public.  As many pointed out to me, that were able to attend,  expressed that this show was really about me moving forward.  So I forgive everyone who did not make the show because it was after all a hard show to see.  Loss is the hardest part about life, but we all have our turn one day.  Be present and be happy for the moment you have right now.

Thank you for reading.  Hope you can make the next show.  A few pieces from Joe’s exhibit will remain in the space and you can always light a candle for him if you wish. I do everyday I wake up.


Happy New Year!