Mini Sessions for Dogs and Humans

Just a week ago, my boyfriend and I rescued Oreo, a boxer terrier mix puppy.  Every Wednesday I offer mini headshot sessions, but thought to myself why not dogs too!  So a new service was born, Mini Sessions for Dogs and Humans.

Taking into account this is new territory for me, I am sure I will add more refinements as the demands set in. However for the time being I am offering 30 minute sessions in studio on a white backdrop for dogs and headshots for people.  The cost is $155 per pet per person.  So for instance, let’s say you would like a portrait of yourself with your pet and some solo, it would be $155 x 2 = $310 for the session and up to an hour of studio time.

All images are provide within an online shareable gallery for you to view and download.  You can also order prints online or request a special print to be created.

Above is a portrait of Oreo (woof) and Toria (Actor Headshot) in the studio last weekend.  I wanted to showcase the concept of dog and human portraits in studio on white.

Oreo is such a poser and a lover. I can’t wait to cover more images of her wearing hats and all sorts of outfits.  It is endless what you can do really.

If you have props or outfits for your dog, by all means bring them to the session. Hell if you want to wear matching outfits, why not!

Every Wednesday I offer these sessions from 10:00 a.m. till 4:00 p.m.  You can book online HERE or contact me directly.