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A Photographer’s Legacy Continues – Lecture

A Photographer’s Legacy Continues – Lecture

A Photographer's Legacy Continues - Lecture The Photograph Society of Philadelphia (Now a proud member myself),  asked me if I would provide an hour lecture on July 18, 2018 at The Plastic Club.   Naturally I chose to talk about Joe Chielli , founder of Church Street...

Beauty Head Shots For My Muses

Beauty Head Shots For My Muses

Beauty Head Shots For My Muses I discovered my muses through by going out and approaching them on a random note to model for me.  Arielle I met on NYE at Front Street Cafe and Gwenn I met through an Uber car share ride.  Both of them I found to...

Kristine Di Grigoli Owner: ArtChick LLC

I always strive to create inspiring, well-crafted images that have meaning and purpose. Images that don’t just illustrate but also express. As a professional photographer/videographer my role is to communicate my client’s message.
In our world of expanding social media and increasing on-line presence, content is everything. The first thing people view and look at on-line are images especially images of people.
Professional quality photos and video are a essential part of a good business strategy.

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